One Bridge of Hope

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One Bridge of Hope



One Bridge of Hope I understand the magic and insanity that comes with being a teenager.  I am strong most days. I dance randomly every day. I love to dream about my future, I make mistakes, and I laugh way too loud.  Although my father checked out of my life when I was 5, it has never defined who I am.  I’ve never lost hope.

You will always know it’s me talking because I will end all my blogs with:  – ttfn G –   (ttfn= ta ta for now)


One Bridge of Hope I have been helping and advising teens for over 20 years.  Having been a teen and raising a teen has also given me many experiences to draw from.  I am a teen at heart and I have not forgotten how it feels to be figuring life out.

You will be able to tell when I am talking because I will end my blogs with: – NBL V –  (NBL = Nothing But Love)


Alone we are awesome, as a team, we are even better. It’s always been just the two of us and through everything, we always learn something and come out laughing.  We are proof that parents and teens can actually get along (shocking but true).

We are here to listen, to encourage and to let you know above all else, YOU MATTER!


Your voice should be heard!

Leave comments on any page or blog.

Check out our contact page to:

– Send an email with questions, comments, stories, or ideas.

– Send an email with questions for Dear Hope.

Your Story:

We want to hear your stories: what you have been through, conquered, or are struggling with.  If we are able to post a story we will email you back and let you know.


We want your comments to reflect you.  We want you to be able to say what you feel.  Be honest!  It’s cool if you disagree with what we, or anyone else says.  But rudeness and judging each other is not what we are about.

We all have bridges to cross and journeys to take, but we don’t have to do it alone.

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Your voice should be heard! Go ahead and comment, we're listening!

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