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Big Announcement! Today is the Day!

It’s time to let you in our secret! We have been doing so much and we are finally ready to share. Not just share, jump up and down, scream, and shout about it.

Drum roll, please………  

We are moving to self – hosted.


We will no longer be using the name One Bridge Of Hope. This name and this site have meant so much to both of us and helped us meet all of you. This is not an end, just a new leap forward.

We are excited to introduce you to our new site:

The Hope Girls


The Hope Girls is nickname we picked up a few years ago and it stuck. Now we get to turn a nickname into a passion.

We are so thankful for all of our followers and friends on OBOH and we hope you take this new journey with us. Also, special thanks to everyone that shared their brilliant thoughts and ideas with us along the way.

Come check out our beautiful new site and our first post at

We Have Exciting News to Share with You!


What’s going on?

Changes! Lots and lots of changes.

What kinda changes are we talking about?

We are not quite ready to reveal that yet.

We are being sneaky….but not for long!

We promise you will be the first to see!



Soon. Very soon!

One week from today!

Wait? What? One week? Yep! In one week we will let you in on all of our changes.

Are we excited?

Absolutely! This is something we have been ready to do for a while and we are finally making it happen.

Has it been easy?

Nope! Not at all.questin-mark

There are times when we second guess everything. We question if we are making the right choices. We wonder if everything looks okay.

There have been some mistakes (ahem…learning opportunities), long nights, and a few arguments.

Yes, we argue. We are a daughter and mother team that work together. Most of the time we get along great. We agree on pretty much everything! Then there are those moments where nothing works and we are both too stubborn to budge. Stubborn, long nights, tired…BOOM. Argument.

Sometimes we have to stop, relook at the situation and solve the problem.
Our mistakes (you know, those learning opportunities) gave us the idea for the three C’s: Caring, Calm, Communication.

We CARE about each other so CALM down and COMMUNICATE.

Sounds dorky, but it works! Okay, okay, back to the excitement!

Everyone! Our reveal is one week away.



We are so passionate about teens knowing they matter! These changes are helping that passion come to life.

See you in a week!


Dear Hope: Big Announcement Coming Soon


Hello again!
Once again, we are not doing a Dear Hope question this week. We are still working hard on those changes.

We felt this quote was so accurate. We have no idea if things will get better with the changes. We worry if we are doing the right things. We wonder if you will like it or not. It’s scary, but we do know one thing for sure. We need to do this.

Usually, when you worry about something or have to make a hard choice, you already know the answer. Your gut tells you what is right. The problem is when you don’t listen. Ignoring that voice will only leave you feeling stuck.

As much as we love this blog (and we love it so much!) we were feeling stuck. We knew it was time to move forward. Forward to new beginnings. It’s as if we need a new coat of paint.

That being said, it does not mean that we are leaving the past behind. We want you to be a part of our journey. We want you there to experience this with us.


Dear Hope: It’s Time for Change


Hi everyone!
You may have noticed we haven’t been answering as many Dear Hope questions lately! We promise, we have a good reason!

We are busy making changes.

Lots of changes. It’s scary. It’s overwhelming. But like the quote says, there is no growth without change.

We will definitely keep you updated on what’s happening. We are excited!  Sooo excited!

Thank you for your fantastic support. You, as always, are amazing.