Our Favorites October

Let me start off by saying a great BIG THANK YOU!

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes. It made my day so special!

Now on to October.

Happy October! We hope it’s been faBOOlous so far!

We love this time of year! We have to admit we are big fans of Halloween. We love the tricks and treats, dressing up, and eating candy. What’s better than that?

As the daughter (Gabriella) I grew up getting to wear tons of DIY costumes made by my mom (Veronica). Most of them worked, but sometimes they just made us laugh. When I was four I was an unmovable butterfly. That’s right. Unmovable. The costume was so big and stiff I could hardly walk and definitely couldn’t move my arms. Hey, it was still cute.
Lots of love,

DIY Halloween Costumes

Now, some of our fav tricks and treats!

Veronica’s Fav Trick:

Gabriella’s Fav Treat: Pumpkin everything! Come on, admit it. We all love the pumpkin stuff.

october favorite flavor pumpkin

Gabriella’s Fav Costume: DIY Cookie Monster costume. This costume is the cutest (and it looks easy). You need to check it out. Totally brings me back to my childhood. Cookie Monster is the best.

Our Fav La la la:

Our Fav Bite: Silly Apple Bites. We are so making these. Oh yeah, they’re also good for you. Go check out how easy these are to make.

Image by Fork & Beans

Have a spooktacular weekend!

Do you have a favorite childhood costume? We would all love to hear about it in the comments below.


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