Dear Hope: Should I Change Classes?

Dear Hope,high school
I was accepted into a higher level course at my school this year and I love it. The problem I’m having is the group I hang out with. They keep making fun of me. They laugh and act like me being in this class is a bad thing. I’m starting to think maybe I should change classes. Maybe I should go to the counselor and tell her it’s too much for me. What do you think?
– Laughed At

Dear Laughed At,
Congrats on your achievement!

Here is what we think.
You should do what is best for you. Don’t let the group stop you from your goals. If you’re happy and you love it, then stick with it.

It would have been nice if they had been more supportive, but don’t let that get to you. When they say something negative about it, proudly say that you like the class. I think once they realize it’s important to you, they will stop saying anything.

Never give up on your path for anyone. If they don’t get it, that’s on them.
You should be very proud of yourself!

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope

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