Dear Hope Update: Netflix and Chill

DEAR HOPE UPDATE:Netflix and Chill Update

Remember Kate? Check out her original question. She asked for help on how to handle a guy that wanted to Netflix and Chill. She was interested in hanging out, not hooking up.

How did it work out? Read her update below.

Dear Hope,
It’s me Kate, I wrote and asked you about a guy I liked. He asked me to Netflix and Chill and I wasn’t into that. I told him no and asked him to go to a movie instead like you said. He said yes, he also said he was glad because he didn’t want to do it either. He just felt like I would expect that, because everyone does it. When we went to the movie it was awkward at first, but still fun. We really started texting a lot after that and we started hanging out more. We have been together ever since. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I could have made a huge mistake and he didn’t want that either. I’m so glad I asked you first.
– Kate

Dear Kate,

Great news! I’m so happy to hear from you. You should be proud of yourself. You stuck to what you believed and it worked out. No one should feel like they need to do something they are not ready for. You even helped give him the opportunity to say he wasn’t ready either.
“Everyone does it” is never the right reason to do anything. Great job Kate!
Thanks for updating us. We all love hearing that everything worked out.

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