Life Lessons and Cookies


I like to use examples when I talk.

Okay, I love making examples.

I often tell off topic stories when imparting important wisdom to my daughter.  She is pretty much forced to listen, and I do get an occasional eye roll, but I keep on.  Eventually I get to the end of a story, hope that my example has a point, and hope that she has learned something.

I usually start by saying: “it’s kinda like this,” or “let’s say for example…”

Even when my daughter begs me not to tell another story, I always say “Wait, this is a good one!”

Hey, I never claimed I wasn’t a dorky mom.

So what’s the point of this?

As I read through blogs and social media I notice a lot of self-hating and negative self-talk:


It’s difficult to always feel good about ourselves. We all have our down days. I understand not always having good body image. It can be a struggle. But what I have noticed on social media is an increase in wanting to highlight the negatives.  20,000 likes for “I hate myself,” or “I’m fat,” or “I’m trying so hard to be anorexic.” I don’t understand why people encourage this, but what I want to address is why they are posting it in the first place. I look at some of these pages and see negative post after negative post.

Today I want to give you one of my famous examples (well… they will become famous one day).

Let’s say you were going to make cookies, maybe chocolate chips with nuts.

You would need to follow a recipe and put in the correct amounts of each ingredient.

2 cups of this, a dash of that, a scoop here, a pinch there.  Putting in the right amounts will make for some tasty cookies.  Yummy!

But what happens when we put too much of something?

If it only calls for is a dash of salt and you put a cup, imagine how that would taste.  WAY TOO SALTY!

What about if it calls for a cup of nuts and you put in three cups.  WAY TO NUTTY!

Do any of us need to be any nuttier?

I don’t like my cookies too salty, too dry, too nutty or too anything. That doesn’t mean the recipe has to be perfect, or that every cookie has to look exactly the same, it just means that too much of one thing can be TOO MUCH.

What does this have to do with anything you ask?

Hold on I’m getting to it.

Life is like making cookies

It takes a dash of this and several cups of that.

We can all have bad days.  There are days where self-doubt or body issues creep up. We don’t like everything every day, but that shouldn’t be all we focus on.

Without the right measurements, it can make an unhealthy, not so tasty cookie life.

Here’s the problem: if you keep making cookies with too much salt and eating them you will start to like them.  You will get used to all the salt.  It’s the same with the negative posts. You start believing and living the negative things you say.

When we have conversations with people or post on social media, we are expressing how we feel or sharing something. Think about making cookies when you post. A little of this and some of that. Too much of anything can spoil the recipe.

We were all born with the right amount of ingredients.   

– NBL V –

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