Dear Hope: Tired of Wearing Glasses

Dear Hope,glasses
I’m tired of wearing glasses. I have worn glasses my whole life and I want contacts. My parents said they don’t think I’m ready. They think I need to show more responsibility. I even have enough money to buy the first box. How can I prove I’m responsible enough?
– Contact Ready

Dear Contact Ready,
When it comes to showing parents your responsible, it’s about taking care of your business.


Keeping your room clean
Getting all of your homework done
Completing the chores they have given you
Taking care of pets
Being nice to siblings
Not being rude to your parents

I don’t know what you already do or don’t do. All I can say is to take a look at the areas you can improve. If you’re already being super responsible, then it’s time to talk to your parents. Let them know the types of things you do to show responsibility.

Try asking them for a trial period. Maybe you can suggest that you will buy the first box with your own money. Then you can show them how responsible you are. If it all works out then they can start getting you contacts.

If they decide they are not ready to agree to contacts, don’t get mad. Just smile and say ok maybe we can discuss this again in a few weeks. Then just keep proving that you are ready. If you get angry or stop doing chores, it will just prove them right. Be strong and you will get your contacts eventually.

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope

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