How Do You Pick Your Role Model?

Role Model

Have you ever walked past a row of shiny magazines?

Their glossy covers of beautiful people with perfect hair and great bodies are hard to ignore. Have you ever looked at these celebrities smizing and thought, I want to be just like her or him? Even when you read the articles, they seem to focus on superficial things.

They paint a picture of perfection.

Magazines tell us to make choices based on looks and popularity. They take talented people, put them in a box and say, THIS should be your role model!

Look at her perfect skin, his amazing muscles, this fabulous outfit and glamorous life! They are famous and “perfect”! Of course you want to be like them!

Is that how you pick your role model?

By their boobs? Their airbrushed skin? Their famous “friends”? That might be what the magazines, and a lot of our culture want, but I have a problem with that.

I have two major problems with choosing a role model based on looks and fame.

#1: It Isn’t Fair 

It does a disservice to the people you are looking up to. Role models deserve to be seen for who they are as people. Their fame or their hair is not what makes them unique and special. Your role models should be recognized for their talents, their kindness, their hard work and passion. They are more than a pretty picture on a magazine. Let who they are as people inspire you.

#2: It’s Unrealistic 

Wanting to be like someone based on beauty or fame can lead to comparing yourself to unrealistic goal. The truth is, most of the photos you see aren’t even real. They are photoshopped like crazy (these pics are ridiculous). That’s because no one looks like a magazine cover, not even celebrities. The people you look up to would not want you striving to look a certain way or become something that you are not.

Don’t compare yourself. Don’t value people based on their popularity or looks.

Instead, be encouraged by the things that make your role models awesome people! Let them be a sense of inspiration to remind you that you are capable of endless possibilities.

Whether your role models are on magazine covers or not, remember that they are human beings. They are not perfect. They are real people with real talents and real flaws. In many ways, they are just like you.

Who are your role models?

What makes them awesome? 

– ttfn G –


  • Hi., I adapt a person as a role model based on their character. Do you know Dr.A.P.J.Abdul kalam?He is known for his simplicity and knowledge

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    • Hello! Yes, we are familiar with him. This is one of our favorite quotes from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam.
      “My Message, especially to young people is to have Courage to think differently,
      Courage to Invent, To travel the unexplored path, Courage to discover the impossible and
      to conquer the problems and Succeed.”

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  • I don’t have role models but I do have role attributes. These are the attributes I aspire to have.
    I love confidence and self love and brilliance and wit and all the other things that make me who I am but I do with to be more open and outgoing as well. The problem with role models is that they can dissapoint. Like they say, never wish to meet your hero and all that.

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    • I think when we see people as heroes, we expect them to be perfect. That’s not going to happen. So meeting them can result in disappointment from what we imagined. The idea of looking at the attributes you aspire to have is awesome. That is a great perspective.

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