The Words You Should Be Using Right Now

Saying the words “thank you” means showing gratitude to someone. It lets them know you appreciate their words or actions.

Have you used those words today? Have you thanked someone?

It’s easy to get caught up in your daily life and forget to say thank you. Maybe you’re focused too much on yourself, you’re stressed or just too busy to notice the things people are doing.

Everyday someone you encounter deserves a thank you.

It might be something small like a person holding a door for you.

It might be big like a parent that has always been there for you.

Thank You

I encourage you to thank someone this week. Be appreciative of the all the little and big things that are being done for you.

Thank the barista for making you a nice cup of coffee.
Thank the school bus driver for getting you to school.
Thank the person who held the door for you.
Thank your mom and dad.
Thank your friends.
Thank your teacher for imparting you with knowledge (okay…cheesy much? But you get the point).Thanks quote

When you take time to be thankful, it helps you appreciate life more. The more you consciously focus on being grateful, the less you focus on being negative.

Did I just say that? Why, yes I did! THANK YOU for noticing.

Grateful Quote

This week be aware and say thank you.

Two little words, eight letters.

Simple, yes, but big in meaning.

Grateful Quote

I want to thank you for reading this post and for being exactly who you are.

– NBL V –

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