The Make It Happen Method for When Your Brain Betrays You

Make it

Do you ever feel like there’s nothing going on in your head?

You just sit there staring blankly. You know you need to be doing homework or coming up with that amazing idea, but you have absolutely nothing. Have you ever just sat around on a Saturday simply because you can’t figure out what to do.

It’s like your brain betrays you.

I have had those moments a lot this week. My brain refuses to work. It refuses to cooperate with me.

In these moments we have a tendency to do the 1,2,3’s.

1- Become frustrated
2- Get irritated
3- Give up


Usually by the time I get to number 3, I am ready for a nap. I start to feel groggy and grumpy, and no closer to finishing my project or having any fun.

But this week, just as I was starting to get frustrated, I tried something different.

 I tried the “make it happen” method.

It’s just as it sounds, you make it happen. I sat down at the computer and started typing. At first, I was literally typing: “I have nothing to type and this is ridiculous,” but then my brain caught on. Ideas were popping into my head and soon I was typing away and getting my stuff done. I made it happen.

Another time this week, we were trying to figure out what to do. Normally we go back and forth in an endless cycle of “what do you want to do’s”.

Make It Happen

Again, I decided to use the “make it happen” method. I just stood up and said let’s get in the car and go! Every one gave me the “ok weirdo” face, but off we went. It forced us to come up with an idea. We went to the movies and then got ice cream. We ended up laughing a lot and having a great time. A better time than sitting around wondering what to do and going through the 1,2,3’s.

The moral of this story:

When you have no ideas and you are descending into the 1,2,3’s, get up and make it happen!

Have you ever experienced not knowing what to do or where to start?
How did you handle it?
Have you ever experienced the 1,2,3’s?

See that box down there that says leave a comment? Yes, I know you see it, well go ahead type something. Tell us your experiences on this topic.

– NBL V –

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