Dear Hope: Completely Clueless in Geometry

Dear Hope,Geometry
My Geometry class is kicking my ass. I am falling behind and I’m completely clueless. I can’t fail or my parents will go off. HELP!!!!
– Failure

Dear Failure,
I use that name because it was the name given, but I don’t agree. Having difficulties or failing a class does not make a person a failure. Now that I have said that, back to Geometry.

You’re mid-way into this semester, but that is still enough time to turn things around.


Ask your teacher for help. They are there to help you understand the lessens they are teaching. Most teachers will find time to help you. If your teacher is not willing or doesn’t have time, ask them to recommend a tutor.
• Tutors can be a great help. If it’s someone from your school they have either just taken this class or may be taking it now. It’s fresh and they understand what you need to learn.
You can order Geometry For Dummies, 2nd Edition. According to the Amazon description learning geometry doesn’t have to be painful and can even be fun. I can’t guarantee the book will be fun, but I believe it can help you.
• Watch YouTube Videos. There are so many math type videos out there. If you don’t like one try another. Everyone has different styles of teaching and learning.


I think if you try one or all of those, it can help. You will have to put some effort in, but you can totally do it!

Also, I would recommend talking to your parents. Let them know you are struggling, but you’re going to get help. That always sounds good to parents. They may even have some ideas or resources to help you. Plus, if they know you are trying, they might even cut you some slack when your grades come out.

Good luck with the geometry!

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope

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