Dear Hope Update: Is He Embarrassed by Me?


Pretend Girlfriend, sent a letter in September asking what to do about a boy. Check out her original letter. She just sent in this update.

Here’s an update from Pretend Girlfriend:pretend girlfriend

Dear Hope,
I am pretend girlfriend do you remember me? I was the big girl. Well I did what you said and talked to him. It was hard, but I did it. I asked him straight out do you like me. He said yes of course he does. I asked him why don’t we ever go out then he hesitated. I pushed for an answer and he said you know how it is. I said um no how is it. Then he said well you know I don’t want my friends to get the wrong idea. Right there I knew what he meant. I was ok in private, but he would never really date me. I wanted to cry right then, but I held it in. I realized he didn’t deserve to see me cry. He didn’t deserve ME! I told him to leave. He seemed confused and I just said BYE. I thought I would be so upset after, but I actually felt relieved. Don’t get me wrong it still hurt my feelings, but it was good to know. I felt stronger somehow. It made me start thinking a lot. Thinking about everything, life, school, me. I wanted to be by myself to think so I started taking long walks to think. I have actually lost 15 pounds. I have never cared about my weight and I still don’t, but I do feel better. I think I will keep walking and see how it goes. As far as boys it will happen when it happens. Anyways I guess I just wanted to let you know how it’s going and to say thanks. Thanks for your help. I think originally I wanted help keeping a boy, but I ended helping myself.
– Pretend Nothing

Dear Pretend Nothing,

Hello Pretend Nothing, (by the way love that name) yes, I remember you! I’m so excited that you emailed again. Love getting updates.

I’m sorry that you were hurt by this situation, but I’m so proud of you for talking to him. You needed to know what was really going on. It’s important to find out the truth, even when it’s hard to do. When you know the truth, you can decide what to do with it.

I hope he will eventually realize that what he did was not ok. If he liked you, he should have been proud to take you anywhere. His loss! We all know how amazing you are.

I think walking is a wonderful idea. It’s a great way to clear you mind. It’s ok to be sad and take time to sort through your feelings. It’s also nice to be able to move on.

Thanks for sending in an update. It’s always great to find out how you are doing!


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