What Does It Mean To Grow Up?

Hello you wonderful people!growing up

I just had my birthday! Actually, it was about a month ago (months kinda feel like minutes in the life of a working college student). My birthday was great by the way!

I don’t know about you, but when I have a birthday, it gets me thinking. It puts me in this philosophical, existential, “what does it all mean” mood. I start questioning things. Specifically things like what does it mean to grow up?

I feel like “growing up” is something you hear a lot from adults when you are younger.

They say things like “what are you going to be when you grow up” or “you need to grow up”.

As if this defining moment in your life will suddenly be thrust upon you and ta da! You will finally be….be what?

There are a ton of questions that run through my nonstop thinking, crazy mind.

Why is there this pressure to grow up?

Why can’t you be who you are, right now? Why do you have to wait until you are grown up?

What does growing up mean to you?

Do you think it is necessary or just an idea used to get us to act “responsible”?

Is getting older and growing up the same thing?

Do birthdays ever make you feel different?

I know this blog is on question overload. I really wanted to share where my brain has been, hopefully get you thinking, and to hear what your thoughts are.

These are just some of my mind ramblings, but I really want to know what all of you think! Who better to ask than people who are “growing up” right now?

Let’s start a discussion about what it means to grow up. Leave lots of comments because I want to hear your opinions! Your thoughts may even show up in new post later.

I will kick off the discussion with this quote…

growing up quote

– ttfn G –


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