Dear Hope: Lipstick Queen

Dear Hope,lipstick

My friend told me my other friend said I wear too much lipstick to a
group of girls. It really hurted my feelings. This isn’t the first time my friend said I wear too much lipstick. I don’t wear heavy eye makeup, so I think it is fine to go a little more with my lips. This is my best friend I have known since the second grade. It really hurt my feelings that she talked behind my back. She isn’t my mom, so she shouldn’t be telling me or anyone else that I wear a lot of lipstick. What should I do?

– Lipstick Queen

Dear Lipstick Queen,
It never feels good when someone hurts your feelings, especially when it’s coming from a friend.

What works best in these situations is being brave.

Be brave enough to ask her why she is saying this. Ask her why she didn’t just tell you herself. Explain how it made you feel and ask her to stop talking about you. Be honest and try to get past this. If she keeps talking behind your back, she’s not a real friend.

Be brave enough to keep wearing the lipstick. If you like it, it really doesn’t matter what other people think. If your parents don’t think it’s too much, then who cares. Keep expressing yourself. Be the greatest Lipstick Queen!

Enjoy being who you are!

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope

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