Does Everything Suck?

The world is against me glasses

The World’s Against Me and Everything Sucks Glasses

Do you wear the world’s against me glasses?

Wearing these glasses will leave you with a negative perspective on your life. You think everyone hates you and wants to see you suffer. You’re jealous of everything and everyone. Your parents and teachers are probably against you. Whatever happens, you feel that it is usually your fault.

Do you wear these glasses? Here are a few ways you can tell:
• You feel like the world is against you.
• You are usually unhappy. It is difficult to change your mood.
• You are easily jealous.
• You feel like your life sucks. Everyone else definitely has it better.
• You hate when people tell you what to do.

Everyone wears these glasses occasionally. But does the negative lens consume your life?

Do more than one of these sound like you? If so, you wear “the world’s against me and everything sucks glasses”.

Life sucks sometimes.

I’ll be real with you. The emotions that come with these glasses also come with being human.
Sometimes you will be angry. Jealous. Unhappy. Sometimes life will just suck.

But there is a difference between feeling those things sometimes and being consumed by them.

Rip these glasses off! Let yourself be free!

Wearing these glasses can be exhausting. Constantly viewing the world with a negative perspective steals your own happiness.

These glasses may make you feel like the world is against you, but the reality is you are against yourself.

Think about it. Who do these glasses hurt? Do they hurt the people you are jealous of? Do they make the people around you unhappy?

Who does it hurt? It hurts YOU!

When you start thinking or feeling negative, change your thoughts. Have a few positive alternatives for those negative sneak attacks. Come up with a few things that make you happy or distract you. Focus on something positive instead.

If you feel like you need help taking these glasses off, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone. Talk to your parents, siblings, friends or someone you trust.

When you start feeling the world is against you, remind yourself that you deserve more.

Do you wear these glasses?
Do you know someone who wears these glasses?
Have you taken them off?
Let me know in the comments!

– ttfn G –


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