It’s All About Me

all about me

The Hot Pink – All About Me Glasses 

 Do you wear all about me glasses?

When you wear all about me glasses, you only see things that affect you. The world basically revolves around you and what you want. You and your needs are top priority.

Can you relate to any of this?
• Do you like being the center of attention? Do you expect conversations to be about you and your interests?
• Do you get bored when other people are talking about themselves or their life?
• If you want something, do you expect to get it?
• Do you give equal time to the people you are in relationships with? Or, do you expect more from them than you are willing to give?
• Is giving and sharing difficult?
• Do you expect things to always go your way?

Answering those questions can be difficult, but they are a little rough for a reason. Being honest with yourself and answering tough questions can give you needed perspective on your life.

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you wear all about me glasses.

A world where everything revolves around you?

Sounds pretty perfect. Who doesn’t want things to go their way? Who doesn’t want to be the center of attention once in a while? But wearing all about me glasses warps your view. Instead of liking healthy attention, you need it to be about you all the time.

Wearing all about me glasses can take a toll on your relationships. The people who love you want to do things for you. They enjoy listening to you. The probably love giving you attention…but not EVERY moment of every day. They deserve attention too.

If you wear these glasses, rip those suckers off!

Change your perspective. Practice putting other people first. Listen to what those around you have to say. Think about how they feel.

Remember, you are important, but others around you are equally important.

Also, think about what you WANT vs what you NEED. Wanting things is easy. You might want things, you might want attention, you might want everything to go your way. But what do you really need? Sometimes want and need are totally different things.

Find the difference between want and need. Think about the feelings of those around you. Wave goodbye to those all about me glasses!

Have you ever worn these glasses? Tell us about it in the comments!

-ttfn G –

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