Dear Hope: Shy Girl

Dear Hope,Shy
Ever since fourth grade, I have been shy with a shy voice. But it’s gotten better over the few years. I am still shy, and I hate it. I hate being the shy girl! I want to be outgoing and popular, but I am not. I am tired of being the shy girl! How can I stop being shy, and show the real me?
– Tired of Being Just The Shy Girl

Dear Tired of Being Just The Shy Girl,
You will never be “Just The Shy Girl”. No one is “just” anything. You are amazing and have so many things to share. Don’t let being shy hold you back. Be bold and brave! It can be scary to put yourself out there, but it is worth it.

Being shy can bring up questions in your mind. Will they like me? What will I say? How do I act?
Here are 6 tips to help quiet those questions.

1. Make a list of your qualities.

(Ex. Being a good friend) This will help you see how great you are. When you don’t show the real you, the world is missing out.

2. Make a list of your interests and things you like doing.

(Ex. Blogging) The fear of what to say is a big part of being shy. This will give you ideas to talk about when you are with other people.

3. Think before you talk.

Before you approach someone, figure out what you want to say. Have a topic ready to talk about or a question to ask. Asking a question is a great way to start a conversation.

4. Practice in front of a mirror.

This can sound silly, but it’s very helpful. Look at your body language when you speak. Do you seem relaxed? Are you smiling? Practice having conversations and asking yourself questions. It’s like preparing for a test. Studying will help you feel more comfortable.

5. Start living with confidence.

Make sure you always hold your head up. Don’t look at the floor. Don’t be afraid to smile at people when you pass them. If you are feeling extra bold, say hi as you pass someone.

6. Keep putting yourself out there.

Give yourself little challenges to do. (Ex. Today I will talk to two people I would usually be too shy to talk to.) Even if you just say hi, it’s a start.

Using these six tips will help boost your confidence.

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope


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