Dear Hope: Two Stories, Two Boys

Dear Hope,boys
I have two stories, the first one is about *John. I met *John in the beginning of the school year. We sorta talked once in a while, he had a few girlfriends, but his brother told me he liked me, I liked him too, but his best friend also liked me so i think *John wanted to be loyal to his friend, he has a new girlfriend, but i know he still likes me, i just dont know what to do, then there’s *Derek. I found out *Derek liked me, but he’s kinda shy and we didnt talk until the end of this year and he told me that he was dating someone else, but that someone else and *Derek didnt act like a couple at all, and *Derek was staring me down in our last class together sitting far away from his “girlfriend” who was flirting with his friends, so help!!
– Ashlynn

Dear Ashlynn,
Trying to read *John’s and *Derek’s signs won’t give you answers. There is no way to know, without a doubt, what they are thinking unless they actually tell you.

What you do know is that they both have girlfriends. Even if they don’t act like a couple, they are still technically dating.

In these situations, it’s better to move on.

If it is meant to be, it will happen. Waiting around for them is unfair to you. You deserve to find someone who is single and honest with his feelings for you. You also don’t want to be a part of their breakup. If *John or *Derek want to date you, they need to break off their relationship first before getting you involved.

Getting mixed signals is frustrating. Remember, if they are serious about a relationship with you, the signals will be clear.

Always be honest with your feelings, but look for someone who is honest back. Whether it works out with one of them or not, you are worth something amazing.

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope

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