One Bad Choice

One Bad Choice


Have you seen the MTV show One Bad Choice

MTV describes it as “…a 10-episode series that explores the consequences of young people who made a single, terrible decision that irrevocably changed their lives forever.”

MTV is not joking.

Every episode centers on a young person telling their story. Just as the title says, they made ONE bad (very bad) decision that completely alters their lives.

This show is scary. It’s scary because it’s real.

Everyone reading this (and the girl writing this) knows what it is like to make a mistake. You understand how easy it can be to do the wrong thing.

Do you think about the consequences?

Usually bad decisions create a chain of events. Sometimes the outcomes of your choices will flip your life upside down. You might say to yourself, “well, that will never happen to me”. What if it does? What if there is no turning back? What happens when you are forced to live with the consequences of your choices?

I can tell you from experience, you will still make bad choices. Mistakes are a part of growing up and learning. But, you have the power to THINK! Learn from these people’s mistakes and consider the consequences of your decisions.

Check out the show!

Have you ever made one bad choice that completely altered your future?

Have you ever made one bad choice that could have been life changing?

Let me know in the comments!

-ttfn G –

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