You Are Strong, Beautiful, and Confident

Beautiful Confident

Today was one of those days. I sat in front of the mirror while I getting ready and I didn’t love what I saw. I started complaining about how stupid my hair looked. I became self-conscious about a big pimple on my forehead. I started looking at every flaw on my body and freaking out for no reason.

How do you feel after you pick yourself apart like that?

I always feel weird. It puts me in a bad mood and seriously messes with my confidence. I even start to feel uncomfortable in my own skin.

Those negative feelings you get when focusing on your flaws SUCK!

No one wants to feel that way. Those feelings don’t usually just go away, but they aren’t meant to stay either.

I tried something weird today.

For every negative comment I said about myself, I said something I like about myself.

I know it sounds kinda ridiculous, but it helped turn my mood around. I even named the pimple on my forehead Pepe’. He had a feisty personality and a French accent. It made me laugh and not worry so much.

You are going to have bad days. You won’t love the way you look every single day of your life. If you are feeling weird about the way you look or self conscious, you can’t ignore those feelings. It is okay to acknowledge the way you feel. The secret is to not let those mean thoughts win.

Those so called flaws and weird feelings, are not who you are. For every negative thing you say to yourself, replace it with a positive thing.  

You have the power to smile instead of stress. You have the power to be your own supporter instead of your own worst enemy. You have the power to love what you see in the mirror.

Remind yourself that there is more to who you are!

If you aren’t sure what positive things to say, here are some of the things I have used and you should try:

I am strong
I am beautiful
I am confident
I am brave

Or you could always just name your pimples and strike up a conversation….don’t judge me.

– ttfn G –


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