Dear Hope: Getting Over a Crush

Dear Hope,crush
There is this guy I have known for like four years. He is so cute and I have a crush on him. But I don’t what to because he is a jerk. How do I stop having feelings for him? Please, I really need advice on this!
– In Love, but Not Meaning To Be

Dear In Love, but Not Meaning To Be,
Having a crush can be fun and exciting… Until you realize your feelings have become stronger and he is not what you thought. It’s time to move on! Feelings are tricky. They are not always something you can easily forget.
Here are some tips for moving on and helping those feelings fade away.

– Try distancing yourself from him when you can.
– Make a distraction plan. Come up with a few things that you can do or think about instead of focusing on him. When you find yourself watching him, or just can’t get him off your mind, use your pre-planned distractions. Think about things that make you happy, talk to a friend, or do something else you love.
– Do you bring him up a lot around your friends? If so, start talking about him less. Try to stop putting your focus on him.
– Remind yourself that you deserve someone who respects you, not a jerk.
– Recognize the qualities that you do and don’t like about him. It will help you figure out who is right for you in the future.
– Be patient. Getting over feelings can take time.

Sticking to these tips will definitely help turn you crush into a memory.

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Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope

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