Dear Hope: Ready to Be Single

Dear Hope,Ready to be single
I’m dating this great guy. I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend. The problem is I don’t want a boyfriend. I’m not gay, I don’t want a girlfriend I just want to be single. I’m going into my senior year in the fall and I want to be free. I want time to figure myself out and just be me before I graduate and go to college. I don’t know how to tell him. I’m afraid I will hurt him. What should I do?
– ReadyToBeSingle

Dear ReadyToBeSingle,
You should be so proud of yourself. Proud that you are following what you know is true for you. It takes courage to listen to your needs and take the steps towards achieving them. Your senior year is a great time to do this. Have fun being single.

On to the hard part, telling your boyfriend.
When you talk to him be gentle, but honest. Explain how you are feeling. Let him know he is a great person and it has nothing to do with who he is. Explain that you are not leaving him for another guy; you are doing this for yourself. Talk to him about your goals for your senior year. Help him to understand your reasons for ending the relationship at this time.

If he is not ready to be single, he may not take it so well. He may feel rejected. He has not had time to prepare for this so it may be a shock. Be understanding and reassuring. Keep reminding him what a great guy he is.

You are doing what is best for you.

Be gentle when telling your boyfriend.
Have a blast being you!
Rock your senior year!

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

Dear Hope


  • Speaking as a guy who has been on the other end of this when it was handled badly and when it was handled well, I would much rather find out sooner rather than later. Friends (both male and female) have said the same thing.
    This isimportant partly to make sure his feelings aren’t deepening when her’s aren’t, and partly because oterwise they’re living a lie. On top of that when your feelings change it will show, and he would be wondering what he’s doing wrong.

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    • Yes, definitely sooner than later! Thank you for sharing about your experience with this. It is great to hear the perspective of someone who has actually been through something similar.


  • And I meant to say that it’s great yuou want to be straight with him, and excellent advice, Hope!

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