Battles, Messes, and Delicious Cookies


The day stared off as any normal day does, little did we know….

Everyone went about her business, went to work, played with the animals and checked on the blog.
This day was different. Drum roll please!

We decided to take on the crazy task of making cookies.

How hard could that be? How long would that take?

We’ve made cookies before so this should be a piece of cake …um…cookies. The cookies we were attempting to make (emphasis on attempting) Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. We got the delicious idea and recipe from Graciellen.

Step 1: Get ingredients

Step 2: Mix ingredients

Step 3: Put cookies on tray and bake

Step 4: Eat Cookies –The best step

8pm – Start step 1Cookies

Get out the butter – check
Sugar – Check
Eggs – Check
Flour – Check Ok, here is where the problems started. I have a problem with food fights. Hey I’m a mom what can I say. My problem is I always start them. Yes, I admit I threw the first handful. Someone had to do it. Right?
We had flour everywhere. Our dogs kept coming in the kitchen and tracking flour all over the house. They were so cute! We couldn’t help laughing, but what a mess.


9:10 – Finally starting step 2 after finishing the epic flour battle

As Gabriella mixed the cookies, I tried to clean up some of the flour. A huge job, so she started helping me. We kept stopping, being silly and laughing. We started laughing so hard we couldn’t move. You know when you laugh so hard you can’t breathe and you don’t even really know what’s so funny. If you told someone what you were laughing about, they would just give you that OK WHATEVER look. We would finally calm down then look at each other and crack up again.

10:30 – Step 3 Get the cookies on the tray

Sounds easy. But first we had left the butter out to long so it was too soft. Then the dough sat for too long and now it was too soft. Usually not a problem, but we needed to put an Oreo cookie inside. Not as easy to do when the dough is gooey and sticky. It’s hard to seal the cookie around the Oreo. The trick is to do it quick so your fingers don’t stick to the dough.Cookies

Tip: Don’t keep eating the dough if you are trying to get done and have actual cookies to eat.
But man was it tasty. We love Cookie Dough!

Finally! Ready for the oven.

10:55 – Time to bake.

We were going for round cookies. But because the dough was soft, we got one giant cookie with Oreo lumps in it. We couldn’t help but think, oh no, these do not look right. Again, had to laugh about that. Gabriella had the brilliant idea of just cutting them out. We used a round cookie cutter that fit perfectly over an Oreo and presto magic! We had round cookies.


11:20- Step 4 Time to Eat

Yes definitely the best part! They were delicious! Somehow stuffing an Oreo inside of a cookie makes it even better. Having to cut them out wasn’t so bad either. The cookie pieces left over were pretty yummy.


We recommend you try these out! Click to check out the recipe on Graciellen’s page.
They taste delicious and are a lot of fun to make!

– NBL V –


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