Top 6 Tips to Avoid Drama


Drama has a sneaky way of wiggling into too many situations. You may want to avoid the drama, but sometimes that is harder than it seems.

Drama shows up in all sorts of ways.
Gossip and more.
No matter what it looks like, it is never pretty.

The Bad News: There will always be people in your life that are jealous. Talk behind your back. Or are just plain mean.

The Good News: There are things you can do to help avoid the drama.

Here are my top 6 tips to avoid drama:

1. Don’t be the drama starter.

Don’t gossip! Don’t judge others. Don’t be mean.

No one wants negative rumors started about them and no one wants to deal with catty rudeness. If you are trying to avoid that kind of negativity, then don’t be the one that who ? starts it.

Plus, you don’t always want to be known as the gossip or the drama starter.

2. Surround yourself with positive people.

Find friends that aren’t into the drama either.
Good friends are a great distraction from drama. Not only will you be surrounded by positive energy, you can help keep each other occupied.

3. Ignore it.

Don’t get involved!

This one sounds the easiest, but is probably the hardest to do. It is easy to get caught up in a juicy story. Gossip can be fun, but it can be very hurtful and untrue. Getting back at the haters is NEVER worth it. Haters feed off of spreading drama and bringing others down. Ignoring their negativity takes away their power. It keeps that negative energy out of your life.

4. Find ways to change the subject.

If people are doing things that you don’t agree with or don’t feel comfortable with, you don’t just have to go along with it. If you are uncomfortable with a conversation topic, just say something like: “I’m not super comfortable talking about that” and then move on. Or, subtly change the subject by saying something like: “Can we talk about something else? What’s your favorite song right now?” You can be subtle, and they can still get the hint to move on. Most people don’t want to be involved in drama, but they are afraid to get out of it. Take the lead and change where the conversation is going.

5. Be confident in who you are and how you feel.

Most times, drama starters are just jealous or insecure. Don’t change yourself to make them more comfortable. Continue to be confident in who you are. It will throw them off their game. Don’t agree with their negativity just because it seems easier. Try to ignore it or change the subject, but if all else fails, don’t be afraid to tell them you disagree. Stick up for yourself or your friends!

6. Don’t fight drama with drama.

Even if you didn’t start the drama, using drama tactics to get back at someone is just as bad. Plus, it never works. It is okay to stick up for yourself, but don’t be mean. Don’t let the haters get the best of you. You are better than drama. When you fight drama with drama, it only spreads more…you guessed it, DRAMA! You never win that way.

Try using these 6 tips and you will be sure to avoid drama

Everyone has dealt with drama. Comment below to share your story. Let us know how you have avoided drama or how you have helped a friend with theirs.

– ttfn G –

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