See What Happened When Fear Took Over


Everyone is going to pick a planet and do a report.
“Ooh I will pick Saturn,”
I said as my 7th grade science teacher was laying out the guidelines. I heard him say “report, posters and whatever else you wanted to add”.

I was actually excited and started right away (instead of my typical wait till the last-minute attitude). I went to the library to get the info I would need.

Yes, I actually needed to go to that building with the dusty books where they house ancient encyclopedias.

I was having fun making this project! I made a big model of Saturn with several posters to explain everything.

I was proud of myself for going the extra mile.
I brought my brilliant (yes, it was brilliant) project to school. I was ready for that A! My well-deserved A!

That was until the teacher said we would be presenting in front of the class.
Wait. Hold on, he never said that before. I wasn’t prepared for that.

I am SUPER shy! I felt there was no way I could speak in front of the class. I freaked out!

All I could think about was my fear.

I knew this panic was crazy. I knew it would be over in a few minutes. Somewhere deep down, my inner voice was trying to tell me I could do it, but nope, the fear won.

When the teacher called my name, I said that I didn’t do the project. Just like that I took a zero. I felt so stupid. How could I do all that work and take a zero? But I did.

What happened when fear took over?

I lost my A. I gave it over to fear.

When I think of fear, I always remember that day. I could have gone up and done it. Everyone else did. It was one tiny day in my whole life.
We always think those moments are the worst. We convince ourselves that we can’t get past that fear. Even if I would have gotten up to do my presentation and everyone laughed or I farted or whatever, WHO CARES!!!! That one day, that one minute, does not make who you are.
Why do we expect ourselves to be perfect?
I am still an incredibly shy person, but I am not going to let fear win.

Now when I feel fear creeping up, I turn up my inner voice.



Face Everything And Rise

– NBL V –


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