Dear Hope: I Don’t Want to Drink

Dear Hope,Drink
My friends and I go out every weekend and we always end up at a party. We have a lot of fun, but my friends always drink. I don’t care if they drink, but I don’t want to. They don’t pressure me, but everyone else does. How can I go to parties, but not drink. I’m not going to drink, but I just want everyone to back off. What can I do?
– Sober

Dear Sober,
Getting everyone to back off can be difficult. Be proud of yourself for sticking to what you believe! You don’t owe anyone an explanation, but I understand it can be annoying to constantly explain yourself. Here are a few things, other than saying “I don’t drink” that you can try.

Let them know you are the designated driver.
– Your friends will probably be happy to know they have someone to get them home safely.

If they are all drinking out of plastic cups, fill one with soda and carry it around.
– Most people won’t ask what you are drinking. They will automatically assume what they want.

Say something like: “I’m having just as much fun as you without drinking. Come on, let’s go dance!”
– Show your friends you can have just as much fun without alcohol. Get the subject off of drinking and onto having fun. When everyone is having a good time, the focus won’t be on what you are drinking.

If you are uncomfortable at any time, you should leave and go home. No one should pressure you to drink or do anything you don’t want to do. Whether you are drinking or not, things can get crazy, so make sure to stay safe.

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

dear hope

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