Dear Hope Update: Embarrassed in the Shampoo Aisle


Dateless, sent a letter in September telling Dear Hope how embarrassed she was when her crush found out she had dandruff. Check out her original letter. Dear Hope

Here’s an update from Dateless:

Dear Hope,
Thank you for the advice you were right about everything. I did need to try a few different shampoos, but I finally found the right one. Plus as a girl I didn’t want one that smelled too bad. I have to admit I was getting super frustrated, because I thought nothing would ever work. During that time I thought for sure I would never date, but my “crush” actually asked me out. I almost didn’t go out with him. I thought maybe he was just asking me out so he could make fun of me. But I thought about what you said and I went out with him. I can’t believe I freaked out so much, he was soooo boring and definitely not worth freaking out over. But it’s cool, I’m crushing over someone new now.
– FlakeFree

Dear Flake Free,

I’m so glad to hear you kept trying until you found the right shampoo. Everyone has different hair types. What works for one person may not work for another, but just like in life, if you keep trying you will eventually find what works.

Sorry about your crush being boring, but I am happy to hear that you did not give up on dating. Never let life’s little quirks get you down. Good luck with future dating.

Thanks for the update; it is always great to hear how things are going!

Always have HOPE!

Dear Hope

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