Dear Hope: Does He Like Me or Her

Dear Hope,dear hope
Okay, so this guy that I like is into another girl. I’m trying to accept it, but the problem is he keeps flirting with me. The girl he is kind of dating goes to another school so he doesn’t see her all the time. We see each other every day and he is super flirty. My feelings start up again then he cools off and is back to her. What is the deal does he like me or her?
– Kristina

Dear Kristina,
If he keeps going back and forth, he might be playing you both. Ask him straight out what is going on. Find out if he is into you or the other girl. You deserve his honesty. If he likes you both and is just having fun, that’s his choice. If that’s not what you want, move on. If it gets your hopes up every time you flirt, you might end up getting hurt. Find out what he is doing and then figure out what you want.

Thank you for being brave and sending in your question.

dear hope

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