5 Easy Gifts to Give Someone You Love

Here are 5 easy gifts to give someone you love!

They are not only easy, but affordable too.

1. A jar of love

Fill a jar (or whatever cute container you like) with little love notes. The great thing about this gift is it is practically free, it comes from the heart, and everyone will love it.

2. Kisses! The chocolate kind…

Hello! How cute are Hershey kisses! And you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

3. “Read this when” notes:

Write things you love about them and encouragements on little cards. On the front of the cards, write “read this when” and then fill in the blank. For example: “Read this when you are having a bad day,” or “read this when you think of me”. Its adorable and they will be reminded of how much you care in the future.

4. Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? EVERYONE loves cookies. Buy some yummy cookies and put them in a cute bag: instant gift (if you buy them, just remember to take them out of the store packaging). Or, if you are feeling chefy, make homemade cookies. It’s super thoughtful and delicious.

5. A selfie

Take a selfie, but instead of posting it, print it and frame it. You can buy frames for a super low price or make your own.

These gifts can work for anyone, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, and even your mom.
Remember, whatever gifts you give, you can’t go wrong if they come from the heart!

– ttfn G –    – NBL V –


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