I Saw Him Hit Her and I Felt Helpless

domestic violence

I saw him hit her and I felt helpless.

What I saw in my rear view mirror yesterday brought tears to my eyes. I witnessed the driver behind me punch the person sitting next to him.

I know this does not compare (at all), but I felt like someone had just punched me in the stomach. My first reaction was shock and then my thoughts immediately rushed to thinking what should I do. The passenger was a girl who looked about 17. She instantly held her head between her hands and started crying. My heart ached for her. As this was happening, I had move up a little, because the car in front of me drove off. As soon as I moved forward, his car squeezed past me in a flash and took off the other way. They were gone. I did not even get a chance to see their license plate number. It all happened in a matter of seconds.

In that situation, I felt helpless. I could not help her. I don’t know who they were, or where they live. I don’t know anything about them. As I write this, my heart is still aching, but I can’t even imagine how that girl must feel.

No one should go through that. Ever.

I FEEL ANGRY with him and anyone else who believes it is ok to hit someone.
I FEEL SAD for that girl and all the victims of abuse.
I FEEL EMPATHY for everyone in these situations. The victims who feel helpless. The abusers who were not born that way; I know they have had their own share of pain.

There is never a reason, a time, or a way to justify abusing someone.

If you find yourself having anger issues and do not know how to control it, please get help.

I felt helpless in this situation. It happened so fast, they were gone in a second and I know nothing about them. There is no way I could have done anything in that moment for that girl. What I can do now is speak about it. I can say NO MORE!

If someone is or has ever hurt you, I am so sorry. Please get help; there is help out there.

If you need help, please reach out for it: Domestic Violence Hotline

If you know someone who needs help, let him or her know it is not their fault and encourage them to talk to people who can help.

How can you help a friend or family member? 

My hope is that the girl I saw will reach out for help or that someone who knows her will reach out to her.

Is a movement to raise public awareness and engage bystanders around ending domestic violence and sexual assault.

Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault.

I took the pledge.
I pledge to say NO MORE to domestic violence and sexual assault.
Join me at

– NBL V –


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