Dear Hope Update: A Loner


On May 21, 2014, A Loner sent Dear Hope a letter about feeling alone. A Loners original letter.  dear hope

Here’s an update from A Loner:

Dear Hope,
Remember me a loner? And yes, I’m doing alright now. Thanks for your advice now I’m slowly crawling back to my life again. Doing whats right. I’m in my last year until graduate and I am currently searching for a place to be an intern there. I’m getting better, last holiday I went home and I felt so happy and relaxed there. All my intentions to end my life were long gone now, I’m happy now and I want you to know that :’)

Dear A Loner,

Yes, I definitely remember you. I am so happy SUPER EXCITED FOR YOU! I’m so glad to hear you are taking the steps to have the incredible life you deserve. It’s nice to hear things with your family are going well. Actually, hearing from you brought tears of joy to my eyes. Keep doing what you are doing. Again so glad to hear things are getting better.

Here is a site that might be helpful:

Intern Queen

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