Dear Hope: My Dad is a Jerk

Dear Hope,
My dad is a JERK! My dad treats my brother and I like crap. I have a My dad is a jerk sister but she is his princess only us boys get his crap. He thinks he knows all and we do nothing right. I have had it with his attitude even though he says its my attitude that is the problem. Get real WTF I’m so pissed. How can I deal with him?
– Done

Dear Done,
Sometimes dads can be harder on their sons because they think they need to toughen them up and teach them how to be “men”. Their dads may have been the same way and being tough is the only way they know. They forget to be sensitive and compassionate. Your dad may not know how to act with you. You should try sitting down with him and having a talk, just the two of you. Maybe you can even go out go get some burgers together or something you both like. Let him know how you feel and what you need from him. Give him a chance to explain where he is coming from. Take some time to get to know each other. Set up some time you can both hang out and do things you would both like. Give him a chance to get it right. Him being tough does not mean he doesn’t’ love you.


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