Sex, Drugs, and Frozen Pizza

sex and frozen pizza

If you can’t pick a pizza, how will you be able to make decisions about sex?

Kind of a weird question, but my mom is kind of weird. She also makes good points. So, I have to share this nugget with you.

Before I start the story, I have to warn you, my mother LOVES to use random example s to explain life and give advice, and this time is no different. So, here it goes.

One day we were standing in the grocery store and I was in charge of picking out a frozen pizza for an easy dinner. I stood in the pizza isle just staring for way too long because for some ridiculous reason I could not make up my mind.

Finally, my mom walks up to me, stares me down and says “If you can’t pick a pizza, how will you be able to make decisions about sex, drugs, or life for that matter?”

Really? Did she seriously just connect pepperoni and black olives to sex? Yep.

And do I really want to talk about sex in the middle of the frozen isle? Nope.

The connection seems ridiculous but it’s actually a really good point. Stay with me. Trust me, no story is ever quick with my mother.

I suffer from severe indecisiveness. It’s a problem. I would rather let someone else decide things for me, or better yet, just never have to make decisions. But there are some decisions in life that you have to make and they will NOT always be easy.

There are times when you have to be in control and be confident enough to make good choices for yourself even when they are difficult decisions.

Saying yes or no to something like sex is a serious decision. You need to choose what is right for your body, for the person you are with, and most importantly yourself.

Handling peer pressure is a choice. Letting someone else makes decisions about your body, about drugs, about drinking, or anything else is never the right thing to do.

Something like choosing a college is another difficult but important decision. With a ton of possibilities out there, you need to be able to consider options, but ultimately listen to yourself and make a choice.

Picking out a frozen pizza? Not such a serious decision. But if you can’t be confident in the small things like pizza toppings, you will be completely lost when it comes to things that really matter or affect you.

Guess what guys! I picked out a pizza all by myself! Sometimes I amaze myself.

So make those small decisions now!

You will learn to trust your voice and be confident when it comes to decisions that are more important… like sex, drugs, and frozen pizza.

On a side note, she kept singing “Let’s Talk About Sex” the whole time we finished shopping.
Check the song out here:

– ttfn G –


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