You Matter Challenge Week 2: Dream Big

You matter challenge

Welcome back my amazing challengers!

Wave goodbye to week one of the New Year and the first week of the You Matter Challenge. Aww, I’m gonna miss that little guy. He was such a good week one. But it’s time to move on!

On to week 2!


We had to write down at least one thing that makes us amazing. That shouldn’t be hard, but somehow it is.

One of our challengers said it was difficult because she has struggled with liking herself for a long time. But she still accepted the challenge. She said it’s helping her see herself “in a new and stronger way”.

Another challenger said that she has always felt pretty amazing, but actually recognizing it felt weird and uncomfortable. But she pushed past the awkward and realized how important it is to embrace the good things about herself.

It is okay to love who you are.

Leave a comment about what you learned this week . I will comment back with what I have learned

But now it is time to get ready for week two….

Challenge #2:
Dream as big and limitless as you possibly can.

I seriously believe in the power of dreaming like you are a little kid again. When you think about your dreams this week, let them take you wherever they want to go. Don’t hold back.
Don’t dismiss a dream just because it sounds crazy or impossible. This isn’t about restricting yourself, this is about finding hope in listening to your heart.

Dreaming big is important. It shows you who you are. It is also fun, so have fun with it!

Comment or email me about how your week 2 challenge is going! Let me know your dreams, you might even see them in next week’s blog.

– ttfn G –

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