You Matter Challenge: Join Us and Find Out Why You Are Amazing

You Matter Challenge

Hello world!
Happy New Year!!!
Ah, 2015! What do you have in store for us?
It is a brand new year.

Let’s kick it off right….with a New Year You Matter Challenge!

Around this time, everyone is freaking out about their new year’s resolutions. FORGET RESOLUTIONS!
Yeah, I said it. Throw those resolutions out the window.
When people ask about your resolutions, they usually want to know how you plan to be thinner, smarter, or generally better.
But the new year (and the New Year You Matter Challenge) is not about becoming better than you were last year.

This challenge is about embracing the amazing person you already ARE!

It is about stepping into your greatness and owning it.
It is about reminding yourself that you matter.
Because when you don’t feel like you matter, you don’t live like you matter.
And you deserve to live an amazing life!

How does it work?

Every week I will be posting a new challenge that is all about YOU realizing that YOU matter.
They won’t be hard. Every challenge will be something that you can totally do.

So are you ready for the very first kick off challenge??? Drum roll, please!!!!!

Think about why you are important and write down at least one thing that makes you amazing.

That’s it. That’s the big challenge for the week. Think you can handle it? I know you can.
You can write as many things down as you want, but it has to be at least one.
This challenge is number one because realizing that you are important and special is crucial and will help kick off the new year right.

This is Gabriella and I will be doing these challenges right along with you all.
Comment and talk to me about how the challenge is going for you!

– ttfn G –


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