Do You Enjoy Getting Presents?

Getting Presents

Who wants presents?

 But are you really a good gift receiver?

A better question is: Do you need to get gifts?

Do you expect to get everything you want?
Of course you want everything you want. But do you expect to get everything that you want.

The sad reality is, no one owes you a gift. When people give you presents it is because they want to give them to you. But the amount of items you get does not determine how good of a holiday it is, and it DEFINITELY does not determine how much someone cares or loves you.
Gifts are fun! Unless it’s an itchy sweater from your crazy aunt…or that weird framed picture of your cousin. But they should be fun, so let them be fun. Don’t let items control you.
If you are worried that you won’t be cool if you don’t get those new sneakers, stop worrying. If you weren’t cool without the sneakers, sorry, but you won’t be cool with them.

Things don’t make you who you are.

So, if you don’t get everything that you want this year, it is OK! Don’t hyperventilate. Don’t cry. You will be fine, trust me.
Think about the meaning behind the gift. See that when someone gets you a gift, they are showing their love for you. Be a good receiver.
Remember, receiving a gift is not all about WHAT you get, but about the love behind the gifts.

– ttfn G –


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