Dear Hope: My Crush Wants to Hang Out and I’m Freaked

Dear Hope,
My crush asked me to hang out over Christmas break. What should I do? I want to but I’m so freaked out I Crush know I will screw it up. If I make excuses not to I’m afraid he will ask someone else.
– Screw up

Dear Screw Up,
Yay your crush wants to hang out. You should be excited, not freaked out. You’re only assuming you will screw it up. Plus, what you consider a screw up he might think is adorable. Go hang out and have fun. If you don’t, you might be disappointed later on. Maybe instead of it just being the two of you can make it a group thing. If you hang out in a group it can feel less intimidating. Plus, there’s more people as a distraction just in case there happens to be a small “screw up”. Enjoy yourself!


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