Dear Hope: I Don’t Want to Move

Dear Hope,
We are moving over Christmas break to a new city whichDon't want to move means a new school. I don’t want to move, but I have no say. I’m worried about meeting new people and coming in half way. I’m not thrilled about leaving my best friend either, but she is helping me move and will come visit. I don’t have many other friends so that’s not a problem. I’m pretty shy so I’m nervous. How will it work out?
– Stephanie

Dear Stephanie,
Christmas break is a very popular time for people to move; you probably will not be the only new person starting. Take advantage of that. On your first day try to meet someone else that is new. You can help each other out. Walk into that school with confidence and you will have friends in no time. Hold your head up high and smile at everyone. Walk up to someone and start a conversation. You can say you just moved here and were wondering where the mall is or what do they do for fun.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!


  • Hopefully, everything is going well. Change can be good and we’ll related to experience. Use it to your advantage. Be informative. Inquire about your new city and open up about where you are from. Checkout what the cities have in common or their differences, in which will be great conversation starters.


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