Dear Hope: Can I Work with My Best Friend?

best friend

Dear Hope,
Last year my best friend and I made some bracelets just for fun and they turned out great. We wore them at school and people wanted to buy them. We have been making and selling them since. We are putting together a website so we can sell them all over and not just at school. We’ve been having fun, but as we get bigger I’m afraid we will start fighting. I need advice on working with my best friend.
– Bracelet Besties

Dear Bracelet Besties,
First, let me say how exciting it is to hear about your business! You must be so proud of yourselves. If you and your friend are getting along now, there is no reason to believe that you will start fighting. Expanding your business will bring some new challenges, but you already have a great start. Remember; keep the business end of things professional, do not bring personal stuff into it. But, you are still best friends, so don’t forget to just hang out and have fun too. If problems come up, talk about it right away and work it out. Make sure you both agree on all the decisions you make.

I am so excited for you both. When you get your website up send us, an email and we will share it with everyone.


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