Dear Hope: Humiliated

Dear Hope,
I only carry a backpack, I don’t carry a purse and the other day one of my tampons flew out. I was beyond and this guy saw it. He freaked and I just try to ignore it and pretend it wasn’t mine so it just sat there on the floor. Worst day ever! How can I carry them without a purse? I wish I did not have to bring them to school.
– Humiliated

Dear Humiliated,
No girl wants to bring their tampons to school, but we all need them. They are just a part of life. As for the boy who freaked, he’ll get over it. It’s not like the tampon is going to jump up and zap him. You can buy compact size tampons, they are about half the size of a regular one. They are easier to carry or slip in your pocket. You can also get a small bag (like a makeup bag, usually around a dollar in the makeup section of any grocery or drug store) to put them in. Then when you need to go to the bathroom, you can just grab the little bag out of you backpack and take it with you. Also if the bag flies out no one will see what’s in it. It could be pencils or lip gloss. Hope this helps!

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