Dear Hope: Failing Geometry

Failling Geometry

Dear Hope,

I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail Geometry. We haven’t been in school that long and I already suck at it. What the hell am I going to do, I’m freaking out?
– Triangle Fail

Dear Triangle Fail,
This semester just started so you have time to figure it out so stop panicking. It may take some time and hard work.

Go talk to your teacher to see if she or he can help.
If you know someone who is great at this, ask him or her to help you.
Hire a tutor. Talk to your school counselor; most schools have lists of tutors.
Buy the Geometry for dummies book.
Look it up. There are so many tutorials online. You can find exactly what you’re having troubles with. There are so many YouTube videos just waiting to help you. Try Geometry made easy. Keep trying until you find ones you like.

You can try one or all of these suggestions. You will get it. Good luck! I believe in you!

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