Dear Hope: Party Pooper

Dear Hope,
Is it weird to not like parties and to not go to many parties when you’re 15? My friends all seem to be doing it and I feel like I should but the last one I went to I had a panic attack, I feel like I’m missing out
– Party Pooper

Dear Party Pooper,

No, it is not weird to not like parties; we are individuals for a reason. If you are not going because you don’t like them that that is perfectly fine. You might feel like you are missing something, but you can have fun doing other things with your friends. If you are not going because you are nervous and you have panic attacks then I think you need to address that.
Think about what makes you panic. What about the situation triggers the attack? Try to think through the situation before you are in it. Why are you anxious about going to the parties? What can you do to become less nervous? If you walk into a party and feel anxious, try going outside for a little while, walk around, and calm down before trying again. Try to have a plan before you go to the next party. A panic attack is just excess adrenaline that runs through your body so taking deep slow breaths can be a big help. You are not alone in this; many people have panic attacks. I have panic attacks when I have to do public speaking.

If these panic attacks become too much to handle you should go see a doctor.

Parties or not you deserve to have fun, so don’t let these panic attacks stop you from your life.

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