Dear Hope: Jumbo Feet

Jumbo Feet

Dear Hope,
Every year I dread going back to school, because I have the biggest feet around. They are so huge and disgusting. All my friends want to go get their toes done before school starts and I don’t want to go. I don’t know what to say to them. I wear a size 11 ugh can you believe it. How can I live with these feet?
– Jumbo Feet

Dear Jumbo Feet,

There is nothing wrong with wearing a size 11 shoe. Be proud of who you are, feet and all. Your friends asked you to go get your toes done with them because they are your friends. They like you just the way you are.

You are not alone. Feet are growing; the average size for women has increased and shoe stores carry larger sizes now.

Some people that understand how you feel:
Size 10: Heidi Klum
Size 11: Paris Hilton
Size 11: Kate Winslet
Size 11 ½ First lady Michelle Obama
Size 12: Elle Macpherson
Size 13: 17 year old, Olympic Swimmer Missy Franklin


  • Hahaha! I SO know all about this wearing a size 11…..when I was 4’11. Back then my friends I could help but laugh because I had clown feet for my height and had the nickname “klutz”, since I always tripped over them. Thankfully my height grew into them, but shoe shopping is still a pain in the butt!


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