A Life Lesson You Need to Read

Life LessonMy mother and a weird TV show just taught me a serious life lesson.

The other day I was whining and complaining about something that was not going the way I wanted. I don’t even remember what it was now (obviously it was super important). It doesn’t even matter what it was.
Anyways, I was whining and my mom looked me in the eyes and said very seriously “Well, this is what you want.” Wait? What? How is this what I want? I am clearly annoyed that this is not going my way. If you are lost refer back to the whining….
She said “You are making a choice right now. You are making the choice to complain and feel crappy instead of choosing something better.”

Ugh! Why does she have to be right?

I guess you can find a life lesson hidden anywhere?

A lot of times as teens we feel like we don’t have control over things. But sometimes we actually do.

We actually have control over the way we react to things.  I chose to whine so I obviously wanted to feel cranky. When we have the opportunity to makes choices, we choose the things we want.

I think that’s a huge part of getting what you want in life. When you get the chance to choose, make sure you choose what you really want.

Then I just heard a guy on some weird TV show say something about how life is a gift so stop choosing to make it a burden.

A life lesson from my mother and a weird TV show.

– ttfn G –


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