7 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

What does a healthy relationship look like?

Healthy Relationship

Last week we talked about what an unhealthy  relationship looks like in: Are You in an Unhealthy Relationship. We know what we don’t want; now let’s figure out what we do want.

7 signs of a healthy relationship.

Healthy Relationship

1. You don’t need to be with each other every minute of every day.

Spending a lot of time together is great, but you should also enjoy doing other things. Hanging out with your family, catching a movie with a BFF or just spending time alone. It’s not all about the two of you. Spending some time apart is important for your own self growth; it will make your relationship stronger.

Healthy Relationship

2. You can communicate with each other.

You want to hear what each other has to say and you really listen when the other person talks. You don’t feel uncomfortable sharing your feelings. You are able to talk openly. You can discuss where the relationship is going and how fast you want things to progress.

Healthy Relationship

3. You’re honest with each other.

You don’t feel the need to lie to each other. For example if you don’t feel like hanging out, you don’t have to make up a story about why. The other person will understand. There is no reason to feel like you need to hide things, no reason to lie.

Healthy Relationship

4. You support each other.

You value each other for who you are. You support the things each other is interested in. You don’t put the other person down. You encourage each other to be your best.

Healthy Relationship

 5. You are able to have disagreements without someone having to win.

Everyone disagrees at some point and it can turn into an argument. It’s how you handle the fight that is important. In healthy relationships couples figure out a compromise and find ways to understand each other’s point of view. You don’t need to be right all the time and you are able to admit when you’re wrong.

Healthy Relationship

6. You trust each other.

One example of trust is feeling safe in the relationship. Knowing that if your boyfriend or girlfriend sees you talking to someone cute, they understand it’s just talking and they don’t lose their cool. It’s natural to be jealous, how you handle it is what matters. Trust also means knowing you can confide in them and they won’t share that information with anyone unless it is for their health or safety.

Healthy Relationship

7. You’re still you.

There are two people in a relationship, not just one. You both bring your own opinions and ideas to the relationship. In a healthy relationship you never feel the need to change for someone. Your thoughts matter as much as theirs.

A Healthy relationship allow you to be who you are.

They make you feel safe and comfortable.
When we fall in love, or think we are in love, we can sometimes put on blinders. We don’t see anything negative, because we like the feelings we are having. It’s totally normal to feel that way, especially in the beginning of a relationship. But if there are things you don’t like or if you feel uncomfortable take a step back. Make sure it’s a healthy relationship and that it’s right for you.

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