Dear Hope: I Want to Make My Quinceanera Count!

Dear Hope,

I’m planning my Quinceanera and I am super excited.  I have waited a long time for this, it’s going to be epic.  I saw in a magazine that this girl asked people to bring toys to her Quinceanera so she could donate them.  I love that idea and want to do it too.  I love volunteering and helping people so this would be perfect, but I don’t want to do toys like she did.  I want mine to be different.  What can I do?

–       Party Time

Dear Party Time,

How exciting that you are planning your Quinceanera.  This is a wonderful time in your life and it’s so special that you want to do something to help others on your day.  It’s nice that you were inspired by the girl in the magazine.  Now with your party you can inspire others too.

Here are some ideas:

School Supplies– You can have everyone bring school supplies for the next school year.  So many children cannot afford to buy their own supplies (paper, pencils, notebooks, folders etc.).

Dog Food- Ask for dog food, blankets, toys, pillows, leashes.  You can take them to a local animal shelter.

Clothes and Blankets- Homeless shelters always need more blankets and clothes.

Food- Ask for non-perishable food items (can goods, boxed meals, cereals, etc.) to take to the local food pantry. There is a continuous need for more food to feed families.

This is such a thoughtful idea and anything you pick will be great.  Have fun on your day!



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