How Do You View People?

Today’s post is meant to get you thinking.

How do you view people, yourself and the world around you?

When we take the time to explore our thoughts and feelings we can learn a lot about ourselves.  It gives you a chance to make changes to the things you don’t like and learn which qualities in yourself you  do like.  It can show you how you view the world and the people in it.  Is your first reaction to judge, love, or accept humanity as they are?

I’m going to post several pictures, each picture is followed by some questions.  Look at the pictures and think about your first thought because it will give you the most insight about yourself.  If you don’t like your first thought, look again and figure out a new way to see things.

The questions are in no way meant to upset anyone they are meant to get you thinking.

Also, none of these pictures or questions reflect how we feel.

How Do You View PeopleWhat is the sex and race of the people in these pictures?


How Do You View People

Does it make you want to learn more about this culture?

Is this a holiday you celebrate?

Does this picture make you nervous because it’s something you are unfamiliar with?

What emotion does it bring up in you?


How Do You View PeopleDoes this picture make you smile?

Do you feel happy for these girls or do you feel jealous of them?

How Do You View PeopleIf you were asked to tell someone who could not see this picture about the people what would you say?

Would you simply say there are seven people?

Would you say 5 females and 2 males?

Would you categorize them by race, the color of their hair or by shirt color?

This picture and these questions can really help you learn how you view people.


How Do You View PeopleUse this picture to answer these questions.

Who makes the most money?

Who is the happiest?

Which people were born in America?

Who seems the most trustworthy?

Who is the most important?

Were you able to figure it out?  Do you think you know?  Did you have enough information?

The point is you don’t have enough information.

You cannot know someone’s life until you get to know them.

You cannot judge someone or begin to guess who or what they are.

It is possible they were all born in America or none of them were.

It is possible the person you would least expect makes the most money.

Every person is equally important.

– NBL V –

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