Dear Hope: Pimple Head


Dear Hope,

 My face looks like crap.  I have so many pimples and I don’t know how to get rid of them.  Last week I tried 5 different products and none have worked.  What can I do?  I can barely show my face at school.

–       Pimple Head

Dear Pimple Head,

Pimples are a very common thing among teens.  Even though you feel self-conscious about it, a lot of people are going through the same thing. It sounds as if you know about some of the products that are out there, but not how to use them.  No product will work in one day.  It can take several weeks for a product to start giving you results.  Pick one product you already have, follow the directions exactly and wait.  Give it some time to work.  The first product may not work; all five may not work, but give them a chance.

While you are waiting to find the right product here are some other things that can help.

Keeping your face clean- washing it twice a day unless the instructions on the product say different.

Use other products on face as little as possible.  If you shave your face or wear makeup or apply sunscreen just try not to overdo it as the products can be greasy.  If you face tends to be greasy look for oil free products.

Keep hair products on your hair- gel, hairspray, wax- try to not get them on your face.

Keep your hands off your face- Hands have dirt and oil that is left on your face.

Get plenty of sleep and eat as healthy as possible

Good luck and until you get it cleared up show your face with pride.  Pimples don’t define who you are.

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