Dear Hope: No Boyfriend on Valentines Day

Dear Hope,

Valentines Day is coming soon and me and my best friend don’t have boyfriends.  I doubt we will by then so how can we have fun together to celebrate and not just be cranky and boyfriendless ?

–          boyfriendless

Dear boyfriendless,

Instead of focusing on not having boyfriends, celebrate your friendship.  Plan your own “date” night.  While everyone is out and about being lovey dovey and romantic, plan a girls night in.

Make some snacks, a great dessert, and watch some movies.

Try making this Drizzled Party Popcorn for a great snack.

For a yummy easy dessert make brownie sandwiches.  Take a package of brownies cut them into heart shapes. Then take two, put whipped cream, ice cream, or frosting in the middle and enjoy.

Pick a movie that you will both love.  Here’s a list to get you thinking.  Top 5 Chick Flicks for Girls’ Night In

You don’t need boyfriends to have a great Valentines Day!

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