Dear Hope: I Have Different Interests

 Dear Hope,

I’m kinda lonely.  I have a great family and I have friends, but they don’t completely get me.  I like things they don’t so we can never really talk about the things I’m into.  I’m not trying to complain they try, and we talk about other things, but since we don’t have the same interests I don’t usually get opportunities to really talk about some of the things I’m into. 

–          Different interests

Dear Different Interests,

It’s good to know you have great family and friends who support you.  What you need now are people to talk to with similar interests.  Without knowing your interests I cannot suggest specific things to do, but I can give you some ideas.

–          Ask a counselor at school if there are any classes or clubs at school with your interests.

–          Look in your area for clubs or classes.  (Clubs can have a small fee or be free and classes can have scholarships if needed.)

–          Start a blog- write about the things you like and you can connect with people of similar likes.

–          Look for websites, forums, or chat rooms where you can have conversations about your topic.

Have fun and remember just because family and friends can’t completely talk about your interest they still like to hear about you.  When you find new people with similar interest don’t cut everyone else off.

Good Luck!




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